Mission Statement

In response to the invitation of God, we join others in joyfully receiving, participating in, and sharing in the love, forgiveness, and hope available to all through faith in Jesus Christ. In harmony with God’s purposes as revealed in the scriptures, through the Holy Spirit and in Jesus Christ, we find fulfillment for our lives through the meaningful use of our God-given abilities and resources in our daily lives, in worship, and in service to others.


Our mission is to fulfill God’s ministry through the loving spirit and teachings of Christ.

Born of a marriage of churches and denominations, Northwest Hills Church is a diverse people growing in a changing world and united by a common goal of loving and sharing in the life of Jesus.

It is our goal to accomplish our mission by encouraging affirmation of faith as it relates to contemporary living. Through Christian Education for all ages, we are dedicated to promoting individual and family growth in an attitude of involvement, mutual support, and application of Christ-like values.

By reaching out to others, at home and around the world, with love and respect, support and acceptance, we are committed to bringing some measure of relief to all forms of human suffering and ignorance. We seek to contribute responsible leadership in times of crisis, whether that crisis be individual or world wide.

Awareness is an avenue along which our ministry also chooses to travel. The exchange of timely and appropriate information and usage of the church facilities to nourish and participate in concerns, important within the community, is a significant function of Northwest Hills.

We plan to support the challenges of this mission through responsible stewardship, emphasizing free and unreserved giving of our time, talent, and treasure for the work of the Lord.

To this mission, we, the people of Northwest Hills Church, United Church of Christ, pledge ourselves.

Local Missions

Stephen Ministry
Open Door Mission of Omaha / Lydia House
World Vision
Marriage Ministry
Veterans of the Cross
Space provided to the Boy Scouts, and their families

Alcoholics Anonymous 

Visitation and prayer groups

World-Wide Ministries

Habitat for Humanity
One Great Hour of Sharing
United Church Wider Church Ministries Missionaries